Hiša Podlog

Welcome to
Hisa Podlog

In picturesque location in the heart of Kozjansko region, surrounded by raw nature, you find our unique event venue and culture residency. Together with our local partners we create once in a life time experiences, anything from weddings to private events.


Embark on your journey to ‘I do’ with the simplicity of perfection. From capturing timeless moments in a stunning landscape, embraced by raw nature, to the especially curated decor that ensures atmosphere woven with love. Let the harmony of nature serenade your celebration and delights of a culinary symphony merge into tailored dream wedding, crafted to perfection. All and more awaits at our one-of-a-kind destination.

Private Events

Embrace the extraordinary as we host your most cherished moments. Whether it’s the jubilant cheers of a birthday party, the enduring love of an anniversary, or the sheer joy of a celebration, our venue transforms each occasion into an unforgettable experience. Let us weave the threads of joy, laughter, and love, turning every event into a masterpiece of memories. Your milestones, our commitment – together, we create moments that linger in the heart long after the celebration ends.

Artistic Residence

Welcome to our artistic residence, where creativity knows no bounds. This haven is crafted for artists to unfold, explore, and breathe life into their visions. Surrounded by inspiring landscapes and immersed in an atmosphere that fosters artistic expression, our residence becomes a canvas for your imagination. Unleash your creativity, and let the walls echo with the magic of your artistic journey. This is more than a residence; it’s a sanctuary for your soul , a place for inspiration and a gallery for your masterpieces. Positioned as an artistic connector between the local community and broader international cultural sphere.

Our Unique Proposition & Portfolio

Local partners &

Savour the essence of our orchard, where we cultivate premium apples and pears on our property. From these handpicked fruits, we craft the finest cider, a refreshing delight, and exquisite liquors that embody the rich character of our harvest. Experience the pure taste of our dedication to quality, from orchard to glass. At our heart, we believe in the power of community, and that’s why we’ve woven a tapestry of local flavours into every facet of our business. From farm to fork, we source the freshest produce from local farmers, nurturing a connection that supports sustainable agriculture. Our commitment extends to local wineries and microbreweries, where every sip reflects the passion of our regional partners. By embracing local, we not only create an exceptional dining experience but also contribute to the vitality of our community. Join us on a culinary journey that celebrates the richness of our land, the dedication of local producers, and the joy of sharing authentic flavours with you.

One-of-a-kind venue &
Exceptional experiences

Experience stress-free celebrations at our one-of-a-kind venue where planning and organising your perfect day are seamlessly woven into an easy and relieving experience. From refined decor to talented musicians, selected catering partners to creative photographers, we handle it all. With a commitment to excellence and a budget that’s both reasonable and transparent, we turn your vision into an unforgettable experience. Your dream event is our top priority and your vision, our execution – for an unforgettable event. Picture a stress-free journey where every detail falls effortlessly into place. Let the burdens of coordination melt away as our dedicated team ensures that your vision is not only realised but exceeded. Welcome to simplicity, where the joy of your event takes centre stage, and every moment is a testament to the ease of celebrating with us.

Tailored &
Unmatched solutions

Craft your dream wedding amidst the untouched beauty of raw nature. Our venue is your canvas, where every detail is tailored to your vision. From vows exchanged under ancient trees to the reception’s dance floor nestled under the stars – it’s your love story, uniquely told in the embrace of nature’s pure splendor. At our family business, crafting the perfect wedding is more than a service; it’s our expertise, your vision, and the journey we embark on together. From the initial dream to the final steps, we’re dedicated to tailoring every detail to reflect your unique story. Let our experience guide you seamlessly toward the perfect day, ensuring that every moment resonates with the essence of your love story. Trust us to bring your vision to life – your perfect wedding, intricately woven by our expertise.