Think Tank

Think-tank‘s activities are focused on knowledge development and capacity building in local, regional and international environment. Thematic focus is in the area of creative placemaking and destination development in rural context, and the further impact such cultural interventions have beyond traditional socio-economic parameters.

Integration of artistic residence within research context will enable experimentation and provide optimal research environment. The innovative integration will furthermore enable development of knowledge in local context that is relevant on broader research and policy level internationally.

Activities of think-tank:

  • Expert panel discussions on topic of creative placemaking, rural sustainable development (in collaboration with international advisory board)
  • International research projects with focus on Hiša Podlog and broader Kozjansko region
  • Regional, national and international dissemination and awareness building on the importance of research finding and competencies developed

International Advisory Board

Cristina Da Milano
Dr. Olga Kolokytha
Dr. Greg Richards
Licia Calvi
Gregor Deleja
Gregor Deleja
Dr. Lucija Kolar
Matic Gajšek